Purely Wishful Thinking

It all started with an idea...


L.T. Shaw

Author L.T. Shaw was born in Portland, Oregon. When Shaw turned 2 years old, he and his family moved to Wisconsin where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence. Since the age of 8, Shaw has always had a passion for storytelling and exhibiting an incredible imagination. It wasn't until his 21st birthday in 2014 that Shaw started taking his talent seriously and began his career as a writer.


Abigail Rose

Abigail Rose is from rural Wisconsin, currently residing in Alabama. She graduated with a Studio Art BA from Saint Mary’s College in 2015. She practices art in various media, though her primary interests lie in the realms of comic book and concept art. Abigail possesses a reputable talent for creating characters that breathe.



JaySkillz was born in Chicago, IL, currently resides in Wisconsin. An individual not only gifted in music productions and lyricism but his quick wit and eccentric personality. Through these talents, he is the co-founder and Co-host of an ambitious podcast known as Unapologetically Loud. Although with voicing his opinions, Jayskillz is also on YouTube where he displays his comedic abilities.