Purely Wishful Thinking

It all started with an idea...



Novels, Novelettes, and Novellas: Most of these literary bodies of work are made by LT Shaw. An amitious, talented and innovative author, who's goal is to help free the mind of his readers.

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The shattered window by lt shaw

As Isaac Grey packs his suitcase to move in with his high school sweetheart, Karina Vela, but he is met by devastating news of her murder. It isn't until after the funeral that he confronts the murderer who relays a message that will send him on a life changing journey through time. As he attempts to keep his timeline from falling apart, he realizes that he has an opportunity to save he beloved Karina. Can Isaac save a lost love or will history repeat itself?

Billie Wolf

After World War III, Billie Wolf's sense of morale is distorted and spirit broken, forcing him to live far away from society. During another day of hunting, he comes across a little girl being pursued by a strange man through the forest. After rescuing her, Billie soon learns that this "little girl" isn't who she appears to be and that there's a reason she's is running through the thick forest.

Billie's interaction with the little girl will take him back to the memories of his mission in World War III, leaving a lingering thought in his mind: Can Billie be redeemed for what he did?


Dark Nights & Black Fur

Exams are over and now it's time for Lucy to leave New York and finally enjoy her spring break. On her way to the airport, Lucy and her best friend, Melissa, are attacked by an unforeseen force. Lucy awakens to an abandoned New York with corpses littered throughout the streets. Now she must accompany a group of strangers as they try to navigate out of the city. But Lucy will soon learn that the cause of their situation is hunting them...very carefully.

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Hunter I Slayer



Dark Night and Black Fur: Darkest of Night